Frequently Asked Questions - General

Frequently asked questions and answers about Private-Rx



Who are the steering group and what do they do?

The steering group are responsible for formulating policy relating to the running of the various services available at Private-Rx, notably the mailing lists.

Click here to find out who the current steering group members are.


I've changed my email address and/or name. How do I change the details you hold on me accordingly?

Just head along to My Details and amend the details yourself.


I'm not a UK-registered pharmacist but I'd like to be a member of Private-Rx. Can I join?

No. Private-Rx was set up as a private forum for pharmacists in the UK. This issue has been debated on a number of occasions by the Private-Rx steering group, and it has always been their opinion that membership of Private-Rx should remain restricted to UK-registered pharmacists.


I applied to join Private-Rx weeks ago, but I haven't heard anything from you. Is something wrong?

We aim to process all applications within a few days but sometimes external events mean that this is not possible. If you have been waiting for more than 2 weeks then please contact the Steering Group.


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